DLX South African Safari - JANUARY


Jan 8th - Jan 17th, 2018


10 days, 9 nights


USD $ 9,500


day 1 - Img

day 1

Monday Jan 8th – Wednesday Jan 10th: Safari

We’ll meet you on your arrival in JNB and transfer with you to take a short flight to Hoedspruit airport by Kruger National Park. A one-hour drive brings us to Karongwe, one of the famous South African private Game Reserves. Lunch will be waiting for us in Becks Safari Lodge, with which our guests immediately fell in love when we stayed there in June, shortly after they opened their doors for business.

We’ll rest for a few hours after lunch before taking the first of 4 Safari drives. https://www.karongweportfolio.com/becks/

Early mornings and late afternoons are safari times. Every game drive is different - nothing is guaranteed, and surprises come at any time. Look out for the “Super 7” (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, elephant, cheetah and wild dog) and gorgeous birds.

During the “down” time between breakfast and lunch that is common to all game lodges, you can choose to enjoy a nature walk, relax at the pool, enjoy a spa treatment, or simply soak in the beauty and luxury of the Lodge.

day 2 - Img

day 2

Wednesday Jan 10th - Thursday Jan 11th: Cape Town

There’s a direct flight from Hoedspruit to Cape Town – a hugely efficient transfer but with limited space; the earlier you book the tour, the more chance of getting you on that flight!!

From the airport, if the weather is right, we’ll head straight to Table Mountain to enjoy the incredible views from the top. So often the mountain is blanketed by its cloud tablecloth so we’ll take the first opportunity of a clear day to go up. Then, on to dinner in the famous Kosher restaurant of the city before heading to the iconic Mount Nelson, or similar 5* DLX property, where we stay for the weekend.

Check out the Mount Nelson hotel online.

On Thursday we head to the very southern tip of the African continent. We’ll take the scenic drive around the Cape Peninsula to Cape Point, where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, at the Cape of Good Hope.
En route, cameras ready for Chapman’s Peak, one of the most dramatic coastal roads in the world. Time permitting, we’ll walk the exhilarating nature-trail (not too strenuous) along the cliffs from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Point.

We’ll visit the penguin colony at Boulders Beach, one of the few sites where the vulnerable African Penguin can be observed at close range.

day 3 - Img

day 3

Fri Jan 12th - Shabbat Jan 13th

On Friday, we’ll tour the city, visit and lunch at the Jewish Museum, and then walk on the southern slopes of Table Mountain through the magnificent Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens before returning to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat.

Shabbat meals will be at our hotel and we’ll go to the historic, enormous, beautiful Gardens Shul with its friendly Jewish community. In the afternoon, we’ll take a guided tour in the neighborhood of the hotel.

After Havdala, we’ll enjoy a light supper before heading to the Waterfront, buzzing with nightlife, built along the harbour in magnificent surroundings.
And, being Saturday night, great entertainment is on the menu, beer and ice-cream!!

day 4 - Img

day 4

Sunday Jan 14th: Zambia

Sunday Jan 14th - Wednesday Jan 17th

Zambia, Zimbabwe & Botswana

And now for the magnificent finale, flying DIRECTLY (this is new!!, first come first served – latecomers, via JNB) from Cape Town to Livingstone, Zambia, once referred to, incredibly, as the “Shtetl of Africa”. That’s NOT the main reason for our visit but it opens our eyes to a little known part of the history of Lithuanian Jewry at the end of the 19th and early part of the 20th century. The Livingstone shul was active until 1972!!!!

We will be staying in one of our favorite hotels in the entire world, the colonial Royal Livingstone on the banks of the “Mighty Zambezi” river. Check it out….http://royal-livingstone.anantara.com/gallery.aspx

It will still be light when we arrive so we’ll head straight to the banks of the mighty Zambezi river for a “sundowner” cocktail. Dinner will be on the terrace so we’ll feel we’re in Gan Eden as we hear the Falls before we see them. When we awake the next morning we’ll appreciate more fully where we are: the grounds, the animals, the river and the Victoria Falls … right in front of us!!

The Victoria Falls are the world’s largest curtain of falling water, and plunge almost 100m down the 1800m width of the mighty Zambezi River.

day 5 - Img

day 5

Monday Jan 15th: Zambia, Livingstone & Victoria Falls Day

Those who wish to, can book a helicopter ride over the Falls, a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed. There are other activities available … and we’ll see Jewish Livingstone too.

We cross the “Victoria Falls Bridge” on foot, one of the most spectacular border crossings in the world, where the old colonial road crosses the Zambezi River Gorge, affording great views of the Falls and rainforest. Bungee jumping and white water rafting are available for the dare-devils …. but you have to sign a waiver first!!!!

After border formalities, we’ll tour the Zimbabwean side of the falls, encompassing the widest parts of the Victoria Falls, including the “Devil’s Cataract”, and the “Main Falls”- the world’s widest unbroken curtain of falling water.

day 6 - Img

day 6

Tuesday Jan 16th: Botswana

Chobe National Park is home to the largest concentration of elephant in the world, as well as large herds of buffalo, hippo, crocodile, antelope, zebra, giraffe, and the Big Cats. This is an AMAZING day to complete our African adventure!!

After our Botswana experience, we drive back across the Zambezi River into Zambia (an experience in and of itself) to our hotel for the final farewell dinner under the African “starry starry night”.

day 7 - Img

day 7

Wednesday Jan 17th: Final Day...

Next day, we can have a more leisurely breakfast and you can even take a dip in the pool before heading to the airport for flights to Jo’burg and, sadly, home!!

If you wish to spend the weekend in Johannesburg, before or after the tour, we will help you make the arrangements!!